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Microsoft Power Apps Introduction

Duration: 1 Day

Location:  Live virtual instructor-led session via MS Teams

Trainer:  Greg L.

Fee:  $395.00 per participant (contact us if you have more than three people to attend on the same date for additional savings)

Date:  September 11, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm ET

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About this Course:

Power Apps gives an organization the ability to give everyone an application to increase their productivity. Using a mixture of ‘No code’ or ‘Low code’, Power Apps makes creating apps faster and more cost effective than ever before. Take a 1 day course to learn how this is possible with a hands on session in building your first Power App.

Familiarity with Excel and access to the PowerApps service.

About Hands-on Virtual instructor-led training

Students receiving training as a Virtual instructor-led class will have the same great instructors as they would in a physical class.

Virtual instructor-led training is not like “distance learning” or “eLearning” classes. Virtual instructor-led training is centered on classroom instruction. As a result, the flow and feel of the class are the same as regular instructor-led training.

Unlike a web seminar where you are just watching a presentation, Virtual instructor-led classes are structured with short explanations, demonstrations and questions, followed by hands-on labs—just like a regular instructor-led class. Classes typically run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Do I need a phone to participate in the training?
Audio is available to the students and instructor over the Internet (no phone lines are required). Students will need a headset connected to their computers to be able to hear and communicate with the instructor and other students. Video (via webcams) is an optional feature in the virtual classroom. The instructor may broadcast a video feed for presentations and lecture.

Computer Requirements

Course Fees & Payment Terms – Open Enrollment Classes
All open enrollment classes are payable by Credit Card (MasterCard & VISA). The course fee is due upon course registration. Once you have registered an invoice will be sent with the option to pay online via credit card.

Substitutions Permitted
We welcome the enrollment of a qualified substitute in an enrollee’s place provided the customer notifies us via email before the first day of the course.

We do not impose any penalty if the customer notifies their Account Coordinator of the need to cancel or reschedule 10 business days prior to the scheduled start date of the course. Full Payment will be required if under 10 business days.