Instructor Led Training Terms & Conditions

Course Fees & Payment Terms – Open Enrollment Classes
All open enrollment classes are payable by Credit Card (MasterCard & VISA). The course fee is due upon course registration. Credit Cards will be processed at the time of registration.

Course Fees & Payment Terms – Dedicated Group Training
The course fee is due and payable within thirty (30) days after the course start date. Credit Cards may be processed up to 10 business days prior to the start date, invoices are due net 30 days.

Substitutions Permitted
We welcome the enrollment of a qualified substitute in an enrollee’s place provided the customer notifies us via email before the first day of the course.

We do not impose any penalty if the customer notifies their Account Coordinator of the need to cancel or reschedule 10 business days prior to the scheduled start date of the course. Full Payment will be required if under 10 business days. If we create a custom course for a specific engagement that is non-standard in content, delivery method, etc., based on specific customer requirements, and the customer cancels the course, we will charge for all incurred customization fees.