Automating Your Work with Microsoft Flow

Automating Your Work with Microsoft Flow

Course Duration: 1 Day

About:  This course takes a deeper look at the other apps beyond Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The power of automating your work processes is introduced in Flow, with students using the built-in templates as a starting point.

Audience Profile:  This course is designed for knowledge workers in a variety of professional situations and fields who have been introduced to the Office 365 online productivity apps and want to explore and use them to collaborate, communicate, and share resources with members of their organizations.

Prerequisites: Office 365 for the End-User or equivalent knowledge


Automating Your Work with Flow

Navigate the Flow Interface
• Microsoft Flow
• Flow Templates
• Connectors
• How to Navigate the Flow App
• Navigating in Flow

Create and Share a Flow
• Flow Creation
• Components of a Flow
• Microsoft Flow Designer
• Dynamic Content
• The Flow Page
• Microsoft Flow Mobile App
• How to Create and Work with Flows
• Creating and Editing a Flow
• Flow Testing
• Flow Sharing
• Testing and Sharing a Flow