Working with Dynamics 365 Sales

Working with Dynamics 365 Sales – 1 Day

Work with leads and opportunities and streamline your sales processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.  See how Dynamics 365 Sales help you manage customers, work with leads, and manage tasks, appointments, email, and phone calls.


  • A basic understanding of how to navigate the Dynamics 365 application.
  • Familiarity with creating and managing leads and opportunities.

Introduction to Dynamics 365 Sales

This module introduces learners to Dynamics 365 Sales focusing on managing leads, lead qualification, opportunities and sales orders as part of the standard sales lifecycle.

  • Explore Dynamics 365 Sales features and functionality
  • Review a typical sale lifecycle
  • Describe leads and the qualification process
  • Examine the opportunity management process
  • Explain sales order processing with Dynamics 365 Sales

Manage leads with Dynamics 365 Sales

This module provides an overview of what leads are and describes the different options for creating leads, managing them, and working with them throughout their lifecycle. It also provides information about qualifying and disqualifying leads.

Learning objectives

  • Examine the lead qualification process in Dynamics 365 from beginning to end
  • Identify the different options that are available for creating and defining leads
  • Use business process flows to manage the lead lifecycle
  • Qualify and disqualify leads

Manage opportunities with Dynamics 365 Sales

In this module, you'll learn how and when opportunities are used and managed in Dynamics 365. You'll also learn about the options for creating opportunities, their relationships with other records, and how to manage them throughout their lifecycle.

Learning objectives

  • Identify scenarios where opportunities can be used
  • Create and define opportunities
  • Work with related opportunity records
  • Manage an opportunity throughout its lifecycle

Process sales orders with Dynamics 365 Sales

Create and manage orders and support different sales processes, such as creating and managing quotes and working with orders and invoices.

Learning objectives

  • Define quote records for opportunity records
  • Work a quote through its entire lifecycle
  • Add and revise quote product line items
  • Deliver quotes to customers

Working with Outlook and Dynamics 365

Turn emails into Contacts, Leads, and Accounts using the Outlook add-in without going into Dynamics 365, automating the process of creating contacts. Also, learn to attach literature, articles, and email templates when interacting with customers.

Learning Objectives

  • Creating a Contact
  • Creating a Lead
  • Creating an Account
  • Automating Creating Contacts
  • Creating Appointments
  • Create Tasks
  • Using the Assistant to gain insights
  • Creating email templates
  • Adding Sales literature to an email
  • Adding an article to an email

Getting started with the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app

The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app helps sellers build better customer relationships and be more productive.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to use the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app.
  • Manage records.
  • Customize form views.
  • Set up push notifications.


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