M365 SharePoint Online for Site Owners – Create and Manage Sites

M365 SharePoint Online for Site Owners – Create and Manage Sites

This course is intended to help SharePoint users understand how to create and manage sites. We will cover the user interface; show users how to create new sites, libraries, lists, apps, and pages; and change site settings and manage site options. The course will also explain how Microsoft Teams also plays a role in SharePoint sites.

Duration:  2 Days

Creating A New Site

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Community Sites VS Team Sites VS Classic Sites
  • Creating Your Site
  • Customizing the Home Page
  • Modifying Page sections
  • Introduction to Web Parts
  • Using the Site Settings Menu
  • Using the Site Settings Page

Adding and Configuring Libraries, Apps, Lists, and Pages

  • Configure Document Libraries
  • Document Library Settings
  • Change Library Name, Description, and Navigation Settings
  • Change Versioning Settings
  • Change Advanced Settings
  • Using Enterprise Metadata and Keyword Settings

Configuring Site Settings

Configure Site Search Options

  • The Modern Search Experience VS Classic Search experience
  • Configure Site Search Settings
  • The Search Box Web Part
  • The Search Results Web Part
  • The Search Navigation Web Part
  • The Refinement Web Part
  • The Content Search Web Part
  • Use result types and display types

Configure Site Administration Settings

  • Site Administration Settings Group
  • Configure Regional Settings
  • View Site Usage Data
  • View Site Performance Data

Configure Site Navigation Settings

  • Customize Navigation Elements
  • Configure Quick Launch Options
  • Add Links to Other SharePoint Sites

Configure Site Permissions, Part 1

  • What are SharePoint Permissions?
  • What are SharePoint Groups?
  • SharePoint Permission Levels
  • Viewing Permission Settings

Configuring Site Permissions, Part 2

  • What is Permission Inheritance?
  • What are Securable Objects?
  • Permissions for Securable Objects

Teams and SharePoint

The Role of Microsoft Teams

  • The purpose and use of Microsoft Teams
  • How SharePoint sites work in Teams
  • Using Teams to build a site
  • How Libraries/Files Tab work in Teams
  • Working with documents in Teams
  • Permissions in Teams
  • SharePoint features that can be used in Teams
  • Searching in Teams