Microsoft Power Automate Introduction

Microsoft Power Automate Introduction

1 Day

Automation is one of the keys to consistency in an organization as well as being proficient. This course will give you the skills to build automated and OnDemand workflows that are needed in todays high tech world. Power Automate is another ‘low code’ solution from Microsoft that can help make a programmer out of anyone.

Familiarity with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Excel. A very simple understanding of programming concepts would be helpful.

Module 1: Introducing Power Automate

  • What is Power Automate and What is it used for?
  • Types of flows
  • Create a flow
  • Using reoccurring flows
  • Working with an email trigger
  • Sharing a flow
  • The Flow Trouble-shooter

Module 2: Create an approval flow

  • How to build an approval request
  • Testing the approval request
  • Create a flow that assists with a business process

Module 3: Capturing user information

  • Capturing locations and dates
  • Using user input
  • Books time in a users calendar
  • Data Sources
  • Dynamic 365 events and Power Automate
  • Power Automate and SQL
  • Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint integration
  • Monitoring and analyzing flows