Microsoft Power Apps Introduction

Microsoft Power Apps Introduction

1 Day

Power Apps gives an organization the ability to give everyone an application to increase their productivity. Using a mixture of ‘No code’ or ‘Low code’, Power Apps makes creating apps faster and more cost effective than ever before. Take a 1 day course to learn how this is possible with a hands on session in building your first Power App.

Familiarity with Excel and access to the PowerApps service.

Module 1: How To Getting Started

  • What is Power Apps and what is it used for?
  • Finding Power Apps in Microsoft 365
  • An Introduction to the Power Apps Studio

Module 2: Starting From a Template To Build an App

  • Power App Types
  • Creating an App from a template
  • Data Sources you can use with Power Apps
  • Using a Data Source
  • Formatting text and changing control properties
  • Modifying Data in a data source
  • Publishing a finished application

Module 3: Create a Power App from Scratch

  • Using an Excel Data Source
  • The gallery layout and fields
  • Adding a control to a gallery
  • Adding text and labels to controls
  • Adding a screen
  • Publish then share the app

Module 4: Use and Share Apps

  • Building a mobile app
  • Test an app in a browser
  • Sharing and viewing with a Team

Module 5: Create a Model-Driven App

  • What is the Dataverse
  • Canvas app VS Model-driven app
  • Share a new app

Module 6: Power Pages

  • An introduction Power Pages
  • Creating a site
  • Using Design Studio
  • Templates
  • Managing Sites
  • Design and Build overview