Moving to Windows 10

Moving to Windows 10

About:  This course has been designed for those who want to become more comfortable using the Windows 10 interface and Microsoft 365.

Prerequisites:  Basic understanding of Microsoft 365

 Duration:  1 Day

The Windows 10 User Interface

  • Access Menu
  • The Shut Down Menu
  • Importance of regularly restarting your computer

The Start Menu

  • What are Tiles?
  • What are Live Tiles?
  • How to View All Apps
  • Multitasking with Apps
  • How to Switch Between Apps
  • What is the Snap Feature?
  • How to Use Snap Assist

Search Your Computer

  • What is Cortana?
  • How to Use the Cortana Voice Commands
  • Using the Search Field
  • View Notifications
  • About Windows 10 Notifications
  • What is the Action Center?
  • Opening and Closing the Action Center
  • How to clear Notifications
  • How to Customize Notification Settings

Managing Files and Folders

  • The New Ribbon Interface
  • Tabs
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Pinning Locations for Quick Access

Microsoft Edge

  • How to View Frequently Visited Websites
  • How to View Your Favorites and save to favorites
  • How to View Your Reading List and add to it
  • Using Reading View
  • Creating Web Notes

Updates to Microsoft Office Suite

  • Common features that are new
  • New features specific to Word
  • New features specific to Excel
  • New Features in Outlook
    • How to Navigate through Mail, Calendars, and tasks
    • Manage your mailbox