Introduction to Visio – 90 Minutes

Navigate the Visio Environment
What are Stencils, Shapes, Connectors, and Templates?
Using the Visio Interface
The Ribbon

Create a Basic Drawing
Create a New Blank Drawing
Create a New Drawing from a Template
Visio 2016 File Formats

Use Drawing Components
About the Shapes Pane
Adding Shapes to a Drawing
Connecting Shapes
Stencil and Shape Management

Modify a Drawing
Selecting Shapes
Moving and Rotating Shapes
Resizing Shapes
Duplicating Shapes
Deleting Shapes

Create a Basic Organization Chart
About a Basic Organizational Chart
Creating an Organization Chart using the Wizard
Adding Images

Do More with Organization Charts
Modifying the Layout
Changing the Spacing
Modifying Positioning
Creating and Using a Synchronized Copy
Comparing Charts

Work with Shape and Connector Styles
Changing the Shape Style
Connector Styles
Modifying Connector Path Styles