OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams
Hands-On Instructor Led ā€“ 3-hour Session

Session Topics


  • What is Microsoft OneDrive and how does it work?
  • Launching OneDrive Online from file explorer; view Files, Recent, shared with me & Shared by me, Discover, Search everything
  • Access OneDrive files
  • Sharing documents for viewing and co-authoring with everyone, people with existing access and specific people
  • Select a document or folder and use the details icon (ā€œiā€) to manage document permissions (viewer versus edit), who has access (add or revoke), copy link to document, view recent activity (number of views)
  • Showing how many views and on what day
  • Modify views and sorting


  • Share documents for viewing and co-authoring with people with existing access and specific people + manage access to allow editing versus viewer rights only
  • View changes made by coworkers
  • Display version history and revert to a previous version
  • See and respond to comments from others
  • Save your corporate template as a design theme
  • Use Tell me What you Want to Do to find commands.
  • Users can edit documents at the same time.
  • Sharing Files with Outlook

Microsoft SharePoint

  • Access SharePoint Sites
  • Navigate SharePoint Sites
  • Upload Documents
  • Search for Documents, templates and Content
  • Access and Save Microsoft Office Documents with SharePoint
  • Manage Document Versions

Microsoft Teams

  • Best practices for planning your Team
  • A Practical guide to sharing and collaborating on files
  • Channel and File Security Tips
  • New Teams Features