Microsoft Teams: Working in Channels

Microsoft Teams: Working in Channels – 3 Hours 

Channels are dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized. Files that you share in a channel are stored in SharePoint. To learn more, view our SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams course.  Teams can have standard, private, or shared channels.

Customizing Channels

  • Adding a channel to a Team
  • Creating a Private Channel
  • Renaming a Channel
  • Channel owner settings
  • Adding and removing owners and members
  • Accessing the Channel Email Address and Link
  • Accessing the Team’s SharePoint Page
  • Sharing a Channel
    • @mention Channel
    • Move a Teams channel between Teams
    • Deleting a Channel
    • Hiding a Channel

Adding Tabs to a Channel 

  • Adding a Tab (OneNote, Forms & Planner)
  • Using Tab Conversations
  • Renaming a Tab
  • Removing a Tab

Adding Connectors to a Channel 

  • Adding a Connector
  • Changing Connector Settings
  • Changing Connector Accounts
  • Removing a Connector

Managing Meetings

  • Create instant meetings with Meet Now
  • Meet in a channel
  • Show your screen during a meeting
  • Show PowerPoint slides in a meeting