OneNote Introduction

Getting Started with Microsoft Office OneNote

1 Day

About:  Welcome to Microsoft Office OneNote. In this course, you will get started by exploring the different parts of a notebook and learning how to navigate the OneNote interface. Understanding the OneNote environment and the components of a notebook, adding notes, and adding other content are the building blocks for learning OneNote.

Audience profile:  This course is intended for people in a variety of roles and fields who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Office and want to incorporate digital note-taking and note collaboration by using Microsoft OneNote.

Prerequisites:    The prerequisites for this course are an introductory course to Windows or a solid working knowledge of Windows

Course Outline

Getting Started with OneNote

  • Navigate the OneNote Environment
  • Notebooks
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • OneNote Versions
  • The "One" in OneNote
  • The OneNote Window
  • The Ribbon
  • The OneNote Ribbon Tabs
  • Notebooks Pane
  • Sections
  • Section Groups
  • Pages
  • Note Containers
  • How to Create OneNote Notebooks
  • Navigating the OneNote User Interface
  • Creating a New Notebook

Use Templates

  • Page Templates
  • Custom Page Templates
  • How to Work with Page Templates
  • Using and Creating Page Templates

 Customize the OneNote User Interface

  • OneNote Options Dialog Box
  • Quick Access Toolbar Options
  • OneNote Window Views
  • How to Customize the User Interface within OneNote
  • Customizing OneNote Window Options