Introduction to Teams

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

About:  Meet the hub for teamwork in Office 365.  Teams is a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing.

Audience profile

This course is intended for students who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Teams.


The prerequisites for this course are an introductory course to Windows or a solid working knowledge of Windows.  You need to know your Office 365 username and password.

At course completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a Team
  • Create and Manage Channels
  • Starting Meetings
  • Work with Tabs
  • Manage Conversations
  • Collaborate on Files

Course Outline

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • Launching Microsoft Teams
    • Sign in with your M365 username and password

Set up and customize your team

  • Create a Team
  • Add and Remove Members
  • Add Team Owners
  • Change team settings
  • Organize your teams list

Collaborate in teams and channels

  • Overview of teams and channels
  • Show and hide channels
  • Work in channels
  • Work on a file together
  • Send email to a channel
  • Create a plan with Planner

Work with posts and messages

  • Create and format a post
  • Get attention with @mentions
  • Save a post or a message
  • Post a message to multiple channels

Upload and find files

  • Upload and share files
  • Find and filter files

Manage chats and calls

  • Start chats and make calls
  • Hide chats, delete messages
  • Set up a delegate to take your calls

Manage meetings

  • Join a Teams meeting
  • Create instant meetings with Meet Now
  • Meet in a channel
  • Manage meetings
  • Show your screen during a meeting
  • Show PowerPoint slides in a meeting
  • Move around during a Teams meeting

Explore apps and tools

  • Add tools with tabs
  • Turn a file into a tab
  • Use the command box

Manage your activity feed

  • Filter your activity feed
  • Manage notification settings

Teams on the go

  • Activity feed on the go
  • Join a meeting on the go