Getting Started with Microsoft Planner

Getting Started with Microsoft Planner 

About:  Organize teamwork with intuitive, collaborative, visual task management. Get more work done with Planner. Create Kanban boards using content-rich tasks with features including files, checklists, and labels. Collaborate in Planner and Microsoft Teams and check visual status charts—all in the Microsoft cloud.

Prerequisites:  Basic understanding of Microsoft 365

Duration:  1 Day

Introduction to planner

  • What is Planner?
  • Accessing Planner
  • Adding Planner to Teams

Using planner

  • Create a Plan
  • Organize and prioritize your tasks into buckets
  • Apply the due date and calendar functionality
  • Stay organized with labels
  • Mark a plan as a favourite
  • Add project portfolio management functionality
  • Create and distribute tasks
  • Add a person or a few people to a task
  • Attach files to tasks in Planner

View and publish a plan

  • View analytics of tasks (completed, not completed, late)
  • Publish content and track a process
  • Present plan them in a visually appealing way
  • Import Planner into Outlook and
  • Get email notifications
  • Managing a Plan in Teams
    • Access a Plan in Teams
    • Start a conversation in Teams
  • Export a plan from Planner to Excel
  • Get updates on your team’s progress
Planner and Microsoft To Do
  • View Tasks
  • Set Reminders
  • Mark Tasks as Complete