Collaboration in Office 365

Collaboration in Office 365

Learn how to easily share files, co-author in real time, and be productive from anywhere. Covers: Co-Authoring in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote.
Webinar Format – Sixty to Ninety Minutes
Hands-on Instructor Led – Three Hours


  • Share documents for viewing and co-authoring with people with existing access and specific people manage access to allow editing versus viewer rights only
  • View changes made by coworkers
  • Display version history and revert to a previous version
  • See and respond to comments from others
  • Save your corporate template as a design theme
  • Use Tell me What you Want to Do to find commands.
  • Users can edit documents at the same time.


  • Launching OneDrive Online from file explorer; view Files, Recent, Shared with me & Shared by me, Discover, Search everything
  • Sharing documents for viewing and co-authoring, people with existing access and specific people
  • Select a document or folder and use the details icon (“i”) to manage document permissions (viewer versus edit), who has access (add or revoke), copy link to document, view recent activity (number of views)
  • Showing how many views and on what day
  • How to use the Free Up Space

Delve - What is Delve, and how does it work?

Quickly access information shared with you by those you have worked with lately

  • The more you access documents and make changes the more likely you are to see it, therefore less scrolling through OneDrive
  • You only see docs you have access to. Delve does NOT change permissions
  • Provides a faster way of finding and sharing content and the people you work with regularly
  • People can be searched to see what they’re working on which can be favourited
  • Powerful search feature. Searches titles and body of docs.
  • You can see and manage doc ownership and permissions
  • Docs can be starred and added to Favourites

Using Boards

  • You can create boards to store content that is accessed frequently.
  • Type a new name (ie. Human Resources) and the bottom of a Content Card and it will create a board… this can always be removed later.
  • Anyone can make a board but if someone adds docs that you don’t have permission to, it won't show up in your Delve

Viewing profiles


  • What is Planner and why use it? (Lightweight Task Management with E-mail follow up)
  • Create simple project plans and assign tasks to team members quickly and easily!
  • Receive task updates from Team members and work on your plan from anywhere!
  • Create a Plan
  • Create Buckets and Tasks
  • Assign Tasks
  • Outlook notification to Assignee
  • Users can update the status of their assigned task
  • Managing Tasks and the Plan
  • Viewing tasks in Chart and Calendar view