Deploy Microsoft 365 right the first time

Microsoft 365 provides flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices, and platforms.

We will empower your team to proactively address deployment and usage challenges by providing them with valuable, flexible, and trusted training resources.

Bring one or more of the Leaf Learning 365 courses directly to your location and provide hands-on training for your team.

  • Sessions are available as 1-hour tips & tricks demo style sessions, 3-hour demo style sessions, half day hands-on training, full day hands-on training and deskside mentoring.  Sessions can be delivered at your location or via Teams.
  • All classes can be customized for your exact needs. 
  • Classes are facilitated by industry experts. Our trainers provide effective hands-on training that is designed to not only help participants learn how to operate your system but also how to take advantage of the features that will improve their performance on the job. 
  • Do you only have 2 or 3 that require a particular class? We will set-up a small group tutorial or workshop tailored to their needs. Contact Leaf Learning 365

Suggested Courses for End-Users

Office 365 for the End-User

This 1-day course is designed for information workers who are using or will use Office 365. This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to efficiently use Office 365 on a day-to-day basis. The course is designed with real world scenarios in mind

Office 365 Online Applications

This course is for users who know the basics of the desktop applications but are new to the web version.
Webinar Format -  Sixty to Ninety Minutes
Hands-on Instructor Led - Three Hours

Collaboration in Office 365

Learn how to easily share files, co-author in real time, and be productive from anywhere.

Webinar Format - Sixty to Ninety Minutes
Hands-on Instructor Led - Three Hours

Moving to Microsoft Office 365

This 1-day course is designed for individuals who already have foundational knowledge and skills in an earlier Office version.  Learn about shared note-taking in OneNote, PivotTables in Excel, calendar management in Outlook, collaboration in Teams, and more.

Microsoft Office 2016: Transition from Office 2007/2010 

This 1 day course will help you bridge the gap from the version you already know and love, to the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite.

Dedicated Courses for IT Professionals

Classes are set up for your staff. Content for dedicated classes can be customized to your needs & environment. If you have staff in various locations these sessions can also be delivered via a remote classroom with participants in various locations joining the same class with a live instructor.

Course Duration
MS-900T01: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals 1
MD-101T00: Managing Modern Desktops 5
MS-100T00: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services 5
MS-101T00: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security 5
MS-203T00: Microsoft 365 Messaging 5
MS-220T00: Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Online 3
MS-600T00: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services 5
MS-700T00: Managing Microsoft Teams 4
MS-720T00: Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer 3

Additional Resources

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