Using Office 365 With Dynamics 365

Using Office 365 With Dynamics 365

Course Duration: 1 Day
About: This course is intended for business users and knowledge workers in a variety of roles and fields who have been working in a desktop-based installation of the Microsoft Office productivity suite and are now using Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Office 365.

Audience profile: Students who are regular users of Dynamics 365 and have a strong understanding of the Office Productivity Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote).

Prerequisites: Intermediate level of Microsoft Office Suite and basic understanding of using Office 365 web applications.

Excel with Dynamics 365

  • Using Excel online, from within Dynamics 365.
  • Analyze data using Excel Online
  • Using Excel to view your reports

Word with Dynamics 365

  • Using the word templates available in Dynamics 365
  • Using Word templates to allow you to design the layout of a document, as you would when using the usual Microsoft Office Word.
  • Merging customer data into word template to create summaries.

Outlook with Dynamics 365

  • Track your emails with ease.
  • View information about sales activities
  • Create new Dynamics records from Outlook.
  • Create activity lists in response to emails which are automatically scheduled as tasks and added to the customer record.
  • Log your sales activities from within Outlook Calendar

SharePoint with Dynamics 365

  • Sourcing customer data from SharePoint
  • Attaching customer data to a customer record
  • Using the document management capabilities of Microsoft’ SharePoint from within Dynamics 365
  • See calendars and shared docs
  • Collaborate with users outside your organization and even share documents externally.

OneNote with Dynamics 365

  • Make and edit notes within an activity wall record, both on the web application and Mobile apps, for selected entities.
  • Promptly capture, organize and store notes and images on any device by connecting them to Dynamics 365.
  • Sync Notes. Never lose a piece of information about a customer. Record text, photos, voice, spreadsheets and even handwritten notes. Access them directly from the customer record.
  • Mobile. Take notes on the move. Dynamics 365 will connect these to the customer record.

Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Access Dynamics 365 records by adding a Dynamics 365 tab into the Teams channel.
    • Collaborate at a large scale not only on a single Dynamics 365 record (like a sales opportunity), but also on multiple records with a Dynamics 365 view.
  • Use Microsoft Teams integration to seamlessly collaborate on documents between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams.
  • Collaborate on a set of records using Teams conversation.

Note that this integration is only available for Dynamics 365 Online deployments and requires SharePoint integration.